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    Welcome to our Canada Goose collection, a testament to our ongoing journey towards sustainability and innovation. At Canada Goose, they are at a pivotal moment, embracing our HUMANATURE purpose-driven platform's core values, as we pledge to go fur-free. By the end of 2021, we will halt all fur purchases, and by the end of 2022, they cease fur usage in manufacturing, aligning our actions with our commitment to preserving our planet and providing warmth to its inhabitants.

    They ethos has always been to craft function-first apparel that offers unmatched quality and protection against the elements. This ethos stands strong as we venture into this new chapter, continuing to deliver products designed with intent, purpose, and functionality. Our dedication to innovation is evident in our latest offerings, including the Standard Expedition Parka for Men and Women, our most sustainable parka yet, which reduces carbon emissions by 30% and water usage by 65%. We're also excited about our new lightweight down jackets, the Cypress and Crofton, crafted from recycled nylon.

    They lifetime product warranty underlines our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint and upholding our promise to quality and durability. This transition reflects our conviction in doing what's right for both our company and the global community. As we experiment with new designs and styles, we are eager to introduce more sustainable options that fulfill our function-first philosophy.

    Canada Goose 2020 Sustainability Report sheds light on our progress towards our 2025 goals, showcasing our ambition in tackling social, economic, and environmental challenges. At Canada Goose, we design for generations, not just seasons, and our latest sustainable product commitments underscore this enduring approach.

    Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, part of our HUMANATURE initiative, which encapsulates our sustainability efforts and value-driven endeavors, as we continue to inspire and innovate while staying true to our heritage and commitment to excellence.

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