XC Skis Escape 64 Outpath

XC Skis Escape 64 Outpath

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The Salomon Escape 64 Outpath XC skis are an awesome setup that's built and shaped to take you wherever the winter wilderness inspires you to go. Salomon has a long-standing reputation for quality in the Nordic world, so it makes sense that they build this burlier version of an everyday Nordic touring ski. Built with a wood core, a fiberglass laminate and full steel edges, the Salomon Escape 64 Outpath cross-country skis have strength and stability to spare, especially if you find yourself in the Nordic track most of the time. Equally at home both in and out of said track, the Outpath 64 loves to be pushed to the edge. When the going gets tricky or sketchy, you've got the steel edges to bail you out and keep you on track to accomplish your ski goals. If you're side-hilling or trying to make some sweet looking telemark turns down something a bit steeper than usual, the Salomon Escape 64 Outpath skis have the ability to hold you tightly to the turn or your intended line, allowing you to take more time to ski and have a great time. There's nothing like being out there all by yourself (or with your loving family) and making the most out of your day. With each and every stride, you'll feel more connected with nature, and less constrained by the busy world behind you.


  • 64 mm Tip Width
  • Wood Core
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • Steel Edges
  • Fish Scale Grip
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers

    ***Binding sold seperately***

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