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Adventure Medical Kits Guide First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical


A great first aid kit can be the difference be turning back and an epic adventure. The Guide first aid kit covers nearly all the potential issues you can encounter, from minor allergic reactions, to blisters and fractures. Designed for 7 people on 14-day adventures, this kit takes cares of trauma essentials, with 6 different compartments: wound care/burn/blister, medication, cuts and scrapes, instruments, fracture/sprain and stop bleeding fast.

  • Includes a bilingual wilderness first aid guide.
  • Designed for 7 people on 14-day adventures.
  • Compact zippered case has quick-reference guide printed on the back, so you know where to find what you need when you need it.
  • Internal pockets are labeled (wound care/burn/blister, medication, cuts and scrapes, instruments, fracture/sprain and stop bleeding fast) making off-grid care easier and more instinctual.
  • Precut moleskin patches help you get back on the trail faster and stop blisters before they start.
  • C-Splint™ (91 x 10.25 cm) helps you stabilize and secure fractures, sprains and dislocations.
  • EMT shears keep your from having you use your pocket knife when it comes time to cut gauze or bandages.
  • 20cc irrigation syringe lets you clean wounds before bandaging them.
  • Elasticised bandage helps stabilize strains or sprains.
  • Medicine pouch has room to pack your own assortment of medicines to manage fevers, pain, allergies and stomach aches.
  • Single-use thermometers lets you assess fevers in the field.
  • Reflective mountain logo makes the first aid bag easier to find in low-light.
  • Please note that MEC sells the International version of this kit. Contents may vary slightly from the US versions described on the vendor's website and videos.


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