Evo Glade 59 AR IFP Skis *CLSL*

Evo Glade 59 AR IFP Skis *CLSL*

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Explore beyond the trail. The Evo Glade 59 AR ski offers beginner skiers a user-friendly, waxless design for exploring winter. The ski's shorter length and wide dimensions enhance stability and maneuverability to explore off-trail. The waxless AR Plus base offers a good blend of grip and glides with no prep required. The included Tour Step-In bindings add to the ease of use with step-in convenience.

Easy Kick and Glide
Waxless AR PLUS base features negative (cut) kick surface for the perfect blend of grip and glides in all snow conditions

Maneuverability, Control
Our short size concept increases maneuverability, control, and ease-of-use

Light and Durable
Wood air-core offers durable off-trail performance with air channels for reduced weight

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