Fargo Polarized Ski Goggles *CLSL*

Fargo Polarized Ski Goggles *CLSL*

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Fargo. A stop on a road trip. A spot on the map. Inspiration for a better goggle. A windshield view of Fargo in the winter shows more than you would ever believe. Cold plains, long views and an endless horizon all inspired the design that epitomizes this goggle. From the sweeping peripheral in the Optimum lens, to the horizon-inspired frame structure, FARGO proves sometimes a quick stop in a small place leads to more than you would have ever expected. Ski and ride inspired this winter.


Frame: Ikat

Lens: Polarized Bluebird HT - Built for variable weather and snowy days, this high-transmission, polarized quiver killer cuts glare and adds contrast in any condition.

Fit: Small

VLT: 33%