Shake off the Winter Blues

While it is natural to feel blue at any time of year, the winter months are known to get some of us down in this less colourful season.

 Here are some free and natural ways to boost your spirits.

Go Litter-Picking with Friends

Although this may not be the most charming activity, it is essential for us all to take part in helping our environment’s health.  Whether you choose to connect with Scotian Shores and join in on a group beach clean-up, go for a lunch break litter-pick with friends, or pick up a few pieces of garbage that happen to be on your walk—everything helps and it also gets you outside, exercising and gives back to beautiful Mother Nature.

Get Excited About a New Activity

This can go in so many directions, and I’m here for them all! Although my thoughts go directly to outdoor activities, trying something new during the Winter months can mean something indoors as well!  It’s a great time to get creative, bring colour into your life with a new artistic class, a new Winter activity (Skating, snowboarding, skiing, cross-country, fat-biking, hiking, hockey, snowshoeing or sledding, just to name a few.) or even just exploring a new- to -you place, taking that first road, or that path you drive by daily.  If you haven’t already heard of Night of Adventure, I also strongly suggest making time to attend one of their inspiring events where you will have the pleasure of listening to a lot of wild adventures while also meeting new adventurous friends.

Breaking up the mundane with new surroundings is a wonderful way to stay curious and inspired.

Try Cold-Dipping

My newest hobby involves cold water and ice. While this is not for everyone, it is necessary to put this on my list of things that help shake off the Winter blues because it helped shake off (literally) my own winter blues.  Cold water dipping is an activity that needs to be discussed with your doctor first if you have any health concerns at all.  There is an entire community of cold dippers found on Facebook and Instagram called “Cold Play NS”, and they welcome you with their cold hands and warm hearts if you are wanting to try giving your body a reset while connecting to nature, listening to your body and allowing yourself to overcome the fears or anxieties around being uncomfortable. 


The process of cold dipping is very gradual, from cold showers to dipping just your extremities one by one, to fully submerging at all temperatures from 5 degrees to 0.1. A lot of research and mindfulness is partnered with this hobby if you feel so inclined to try.

Invest in Fun Gear

Winter can be a super fun season, I promise!  If you hate doing things outdoors in the Winter because you get cold—this is the time to make sure you invest in some base layers. Get some great cozy socks, mitts, hats and outerwear so that you are at your maximum comfort level.  The Trail Shop is my go-to spot to make sure I’m comfortable while having fun on all of my outdoor adventures (They even carry gear that would fit into the “try something new” category.)

Get Outside

Self-explanatory and no guidelines or rules involved.  Enjoy what nature has to offer, all year round!


Article By Trail Shop Ambassador Jenn Currie @outdoorsyjenn

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