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Our Story

Nestled in the vibrant landscapes of the Maritimes, The Trail Shop has been the cornerstone for adventurers since its inception in 1967. With the winds of change in 2017, we embraced a new chapter with the owner - Sue Stanfield, rekindling our commitment to bring life's adventures to new heights with authentic, high-quality outdoor gear and apparel. Our essence lies in the belief that the right gear can transform your outdoor experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.


We believe in the transformative power of nature — it's not just an escape but a return to ourselves, essential for our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Adventure is the heartbeat of our existence, urging us to dive into the unknown and revel in the thrill of discovery. Growth, to us, means pushing boundaries, constantly evolving, and embracing every opportunity to learn and expand our horizons.


From the first store opening in 1967, The Trail Shop has become the go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts across the Maritimes. Our journey has led us from one location to another, each move marking a new milestone in our story. Today, we proudly stand in three locations - Halifax, Truro, and Moncton - serving as the starting point for countless adventures. Each store, with its unique charm, is a testament to our journey and a gateway to yours.

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Team Members

Our Family

At the heart of The Trail Shop is our team - a family of passionate adventurers, seasoned explorers, and nature lovers. We're not just staff; we're guides, companions, and fellow travelers on the road less traveled. Our collective experiences, from summiting peaks to navigating rivers, inform every piece of advice, recommendation, and story we share. We're here to connect, inspire, and help you gear up for whatever adventure calls your name.

Our Team

Our Core Values: The Compass That Guides Us

Connection: Our mission is to forge deep, meaningful connections - with you, our communities, and the great outdoors. Every interaction is an opportunity to share our passion and enrich your adventure.

Love: You, our adventurers, are at the heart of everything we do. Your stories and dreams fuel our commitment to providing gear and apparel that empower and inspire confidence in every step of your journey.

Adventure: The essence of The Trail Shop. We live for the promise of adventure, the rush of the unknown, and the joy of discovery. Our gear is curated to ensure that your soul's thirst for adventure is always quenched.

Join us at our stores in Halifax, Truro, and Moncton, or start your adventure online at trailshop.com

Let's embark on this journey together, equipped, inspired, and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Welcome to The Trail Shop family. Your next great adventure starts here.