Sizing Guide for Birkenstocks, Blundstones, and Glerups



All Blundstone boots aside from the Women’s Series are considered unisex.

Please see below for more details on how your Blundstones should fit.  

Blundstone Rule of Toe:  

  • For women subtract 3 sizes from your Canadian size.  
  • For men subtract 1 size from your Canadian size. 
  • For kid’s subtract 1 size from your Canadian size.   

Your Bundstones will form to the top of your foot over time, the primary concern is getting the proper length as your boots will never stretch in length. When picking your size you want to allow a small amount of room, about the width of your thumb or ½” between your foot and the end of the boot. 

You may also notice a small amount of heel lift or a loose feeling around your heel, and this is perfectly normal with your boots. The other thing you may notice is pressure across the instep of your boot. This will loosen up over a few weeks as you wear your boots and the leather begins to stretch.   

A few other things to note: 

  • The size on the bottom of your boots is the Australian size. If you have an old pair and wish to use that as a reference when picking your new boots please be aware of this.  
  • There is an extra pair of insoles included in the box if you find there is a little too much movement. You can double up on your insoles to tighten up the fit by about ½ a boot size. 
  • The chisel toe models are a little longer than most other boots. It is best to go down in size between ½ and 1 full size to accommodate for the extra length.  
  • Please be aware that half sizes in Blundstone boots don’t add any extra length, instead they increase the amount of space over the foot creating a wide feel.  

You can refer to the sizing chart below to find your perfect size:


All glerups are in EU sizing. Please refer to the chart below to find your proper size.


All Birkenstock products on our website are offered in European Sizes. You can determine your proper Birkenstock size by simply adding 31 to your U.S women’s size or 33 to your U.S. men’s size. For an ideal fit your feet should be able to move freely without your toes hitting the edge of the footbed. 

To make it as easy as possible for you to find the best please refer to the chart below.