Since 1967, The Trail Shop has been serving Halifax with exceptional customer service and care as an independent premier outdoor gear store (and as of May 2017 we are now in Truro too!). We offer a large selection of equipment and clothing for camping and hiking, climbing, kayaking, running, skiing and many more outdoor activities. You can find everything you need for outdoor excitement right here!

Did you know we've moved from our old Halifax location? Same great products, service and staff, new Halifax location. You can now find us at 6112 Quinpool Road, Halifax.

Enjoy shopping our website or stop one of our locations in either Halifax or Truro for all of your outdoor needs. We are looking forward to making your outdoor shopping experience the best it can possibly be!



As an outdoor retailer, we are poignantly aware of the effect that humans and businesses can have on the natural world in which we work and play. At The Trail Shop, we are committed to our stance on environmental responsibility. From our naturally insulating concrete floors to our abundant natural lighting, our commitment to the earth starts from the ground up.

We mindfully select each of the product lines we carry, ensuring that they meet our sustainable philosophy. We carry products of the highest quality; focusing on durability and timeless styles, therefore avoiding wasteful 'fast fashion' practices. Our brands use natural and recycled fibres, have minimal or recycled packaging and themselves are committed to changing the acceptable practices in the clothing industry. The bags we provide to our guests are paper and naturally decompose with time. 

Our staff embody organizational responsibility and continually uphold our culture and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Over 75% of our staff walk to work and use reusable travel mugs in their daily lives. 

Our goal is to be a sustainability leader in our community, so each business decision we make comes back to our philosophy. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?